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Business & Digital Technology

This program encompasses various Digital Technology Courses to include: Digital Desktop Publishing, Image Editing, Foundations of Animation, Web Page Design & Development 1, Media Technology 1
Digital Desktop Publishing:
This course brings together graphics and text to create professional level publications. Students create, format, illustrate, design, edit/revise, and print publications. Improved productivity of digitally produced newsletters, flyers, brochures, reports, advertising materials, and other publications is emphasized. Proofreading, document composition, and communication competencies are also included.
Image Editing:
Image editing tools are used by industry professional to edit and enhance most images presented in magazines, newspapers and other media. This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to master image manipulation and photographic retouching. Students will explore the technical and artistic aspects of image editing by creating images to be used in various types of media. Successful completion of this course will prepare the student for industry certification.
Web Page Design & Development:
This course will guide students in the development of websites in a project-based, problem-solving environment. Students will learn the industry standard languages, HTML and CSS, which are used in every website on the web today. Students will learn how to create a portfolio of content-rich, well-styled websites. Successful completion of this course will prepare students for industry certification.
Foundations of Animation:
This course prepares students to use artistic and technological foundations to create animations. The basic principles of digital animation are reviewed, including character development and story conception through production. Students learn the technical language used in the animation industry and basic animation methods. They will also learn techniques about various ways to plan, create, and prepare for animation in pre-production, production and post-production. This course prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate for Flash/Animate CC certification exam.
Media Technology:
In the Media Technology program, students will explore the general field of communications focused primarily on media production industries. Students will get hands-on experience in basic production techniques for audio, video, and film. They will work collaboratively while writing, producing, directing, and editing projects of increasing complexity, using industry-standard software and equipment.
Students will also learn about related fields such as graphic design, broadcast journalism, animation, sound design and engineering, special effects, online media development, marketing, and corporate communications. Program completers' will compile their works for inclusion in a portfolio, for use in this program of study, the workforce, or post-secondary education.
  • Adobe Certified in Photoshop